New Shiny Things - Changing Colors 7″

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NEW SHINY THINGS were primarily Sara Ayers and Billy Harrigan with some support from Richard Fuller and Art Snay on additional keys. They were shining from Albany, NY, USA, and released the beautifully haunting “Changing Colors” and the powerful “Breadlines and Dissidence” as a 7” single on Blotto Records in 1982 which nowadays is impossible to find. Both tracks have so much substance and have left an ever-lasting impression on Anna, so that she decided to re-release those tracks plus adding the slightly weirder and previously unreleased ‘post-punk’ track “Crayola Psychosis” (written in 1980, recorded in 1984) to the flipside which was composed and recorded by Billy under the name of OPERATION PLUTO. So, this 7”EP, remastered by Art Snay, and presented in a totally new and beautiful artwork made by Sara, is a great reminder of the work of the late Billy Harrigan, who left the earthly domains in 2001, and Sara who is still a recording artist today. Limited to 400 copies.

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