The Silent Section – Countour Passing Of A Dream LP / CD


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1 The Intoxicated Joy
2 Drifting Ahead Backwards
3 Breadline Stories
4 The Voice That Got Away
5 Fresh Blood
6 No Admission To Dream
7 Spirals Of Self Destruction
8 Passing By
9 Storm Surge
10 A.J.C.

Formed in 1999 in Odense, Denmark. A three-piece band, consisting of: Nicolas Carlsen, Morten Møllebjerg, Morten N. Carlsen. The music is most of the time balancing between an extremely sensitive and fragile expression to the very powerful and noisy. The mood in the music changes and the contrasts are most of the time in focus. From a tender and light sound to a razor-cutting noisy chaos. On white vinyl!

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