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A1. Kriminali 07:52
A2. The Drop 04:04
B1. Koma 06:32
B2. Scivola Via 04:57

Appeared from the alternative Italian stage in the late 80ies, Voxzema is one of the most unknown and peculiar bands in the european underground music scene. Despite not having launched any record before its early breakup, they did give a few concerts and, with some luck, you we’ll be able to find two of their demos in the strange compilation in cassette format 'Ologenesi’ from 1989. Thanks to an exhausting work of musical archaeology, we have found their original members and rescued their demos, most of them totally unpublished up to now.

With a totally innovative sound, Voxzema is a mixture of electronic/coldwave with psychedelic touches, blunt bases and a deep male voice which may evoke a hybrid between Cassandra Complex and Kas Product, to name some of them... perhaps we're talking about Cyberpunk...? Judge yourself!

Maurizio Naoplitano: Guitar & Effects
Gianni Dragonetti: Synthesizers
Silvestro Casciello: Drum & Programming
Lino Monaco: Voice

Recorded in a home studio with a Tascam portastudio, 1988
Recording and mixing by Rino Solimeno
Mastered by Yves Roussel, 2014

Edition of 250 copies. Presented in a handmade silk-screened sleeve. Two versions available:
- Gold version printed on a black textured sleeve
- Dark fuchsia version printed on a black (non textured) sleeve

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Weight 17 oz
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